Why so Smüthe?


It’s no secret coffee scrubs are becoming the holy grail exfoliator in many people’s skincare routine – and there are a lot of good reasons for the hype! 

In a nut shell, coffee scrubs are your skin’s BFF. 

Smüthe coffee scrubs exfoliate away dead skin cells to reveal the fresh, healthy, smooth layer underneath. 

Our scrubs: 

  • Have more caffeine

Smüthe grinds coffee beans only for our scrubs, so the caffeine content is higher with more antioxidants for your skin, whereas other brands use beans that have already been brewed for coffee making.

The more caffeine, the better.

The natural antioxidants in caffeine tighten skin to help target cellulite, reduce inflammation and redness, and even minimise puffiness around the eyes. Win! 

Caffeine also helps to fight acne and signs of premature aging, from wrinkles to fine lines to sun spots. Double win!

  • Are suspended in oil

The antioxidants in coffee scrubs are released when the beans are mixed with water. To maximise the skin benefits of caffeine, Smüthe scrubs are suspended in hydrating oil so antioxidants are only released on your skin when it comes into contact with water.

It also means our scrubs are super moisturising!

Other scrubs, however, are suspended in water meaning the antioxidants are released in the bag, not on your body.

  • Provide superior exfoliation

Smüthe scrubs are designed to be slightly coarser than others, making them the ultimate exfoliators to refine and nourish the skin, leaving you feeling super ‘smuthe’.

And it gets better…

We’re made locally, loved worldwide. Australian-made Smüthe coffee scrubs are seriously good – you know exactly what’s inside, with natural ingredients and absolutely no nasties.

And remember, every purchase of Smüthe 200 gram coffee scrubs during the holiday period until the 15th of January will receive a free 40g travel pack – while stocks last!